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Microsoft Build 2015: What We Learned

by Patrick Delehanty 12 Jun, 2015

Microsoft Build 2015

This past week our group of developers were sent to the Microsoft Build 2015 Conference in Chicago. While most people don't get to skip a day of work to go talk about what they love at the Field Museum, we decided we couldn't miss it so we created a diversion and snuck out when no one was looking (sorry Ben.)

The Microsoft Build Developer's Conference is designed to give industry professionals the update on all of the latest and greatest from Microsoft. Every year they bring together the best Microsoft Technical Evangelists to get everyone up-to-speed on the future of development and Microsoft products.

Here Is a Brief List of What We Learned:

  • Internet Explorer no more, Edge is king!
  • You can now create Windows 10 apps from existing websites simply by running a script
  • They are creating a unified Windows experience across desktop, mobile, and Xbox
  • The Field Museum serves great food, especially cheese
Microsoft Build 2015 2
Microsoft Build 2015 3
Microsoft Build 2015 4
Microsoft Build 2015 5
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Patrick Delehanty - Marketing Manager, Marcel Digital

Patrick Delehanty

Patrick Delehanty has as much knowledge in the digital space as he has beard hairs. He is the highest endorsed member of Moz and a contributor to Business 2 Community.

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